Thursday, 11 December 2014

Single Review: Alice Sungrov's Broke My Heart

For a 16 year-old, Alice Sungurov has her head screwed on. Exuding her belief that 'life is fun and everything is possible',  the teen who was diagnosed with Auditory Processing Disorder at the tender age of 4 has battled her demons to become a teen sensation.

After first releasing 'So Blind', the teen has gained recognition by Red Music, a subsidiary of Sony Music. Second single Broke My Heart is pure pop through and through, filled with determination and a softly-spoken harmonies, the song is easy listening for sure.

With a voice similar to mainstream princess Sara Bareilles, the toe-tapping track tells the story of a tragic break-up, as she reaches out to her audience in a heart-felt, yet empowered way.

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Thursday, 23 October 2014

One Direction Criticised After Using Chained Up Chimp in New Music Video

Just when you thought role models for millions of teenagers might think to have an ounce of sense, they do this... 

Pop tweens One Direction are under fire after filming new video Steal My Girl which features a chimpanzee named Eli. Accompanying the release were a number of images, one in particular with members Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik posing with the animal visibly tied up. 

Animal rights charity PETA are now involved, saying they have evidence that the owners of the monkeys have been locking the animals up for up to 18 hours in extremely cramped cages. 

As spokesperson for PETA voiced their concern, saying 

"PETA has been in touch with the band, and will be writing to them again today, to advise them that the animal trainer who supplied the chimpanzee for their latest video has been cited numerous times for shocking violations of the very minimal standards of the US Animal Welfare Act, including for failure to provide adequate veterinary care, locking chimpanzees and orang-utans in 'night housing' (small cages) for up to 18 hours a day with no enrichment items, failure to supply adequate shelter from the elements, denying animals adequate space and failure to provide adequate ventilation, clean cages and proper feeding" 

With the music video set to be released tomorrow at 4pm, it is yet unclear as to whether the team behind the boy band will prevent the release of the video, or edit out any parts which feature the exotic animal. 

It was recently revealed that the band make a whopping £1 million a week alone, so perhaps they could be putting that money to good use- pushing it towards the prevention of cruelty to animals would be a start. 

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Ken Dahl Targets Haters with New Single 'Casper'

For New Yorker Ken Dahl, a passion for songwriting came from an unlikely place. After a suspension from school which resulted in an isolation from all access to technology, he picked up a pen and paper to express his thoughts, experimenting with R'n'B sounds inspired by the likes of Brandy and Toni Braxton. 

New single 'Casper' tells the story of internet trolls who, like ghosts, are able to become invisible- his aim is to oust them into public view and put them down for criticising others. His track has a finger-clicking beat, memorable lyrics and a thesis that a large amount of listeners can really connect with.

A honeyed and honed voice, Dahl's fierce attitude and truly unique visage has earned him acclaim by the likes of big time showbiz blogger Perez Hilton. 

His video is a sassy feast, as Dahl dons serpentine-esque lipstick with sport luxe attire to out his cyber enemy. The song also holds significant relevance as it relates to the recent phone hackings and leaked celebrity images and it's effect on one's esteem. 

Watch out cyber bullies! Ken Dahl is coming for you. Watch the video here: 

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

iTunes Festival review: Imelda May and Tony Bennett bring down the Roundhouse

The first weekend of the iTunes Festival set the bar high with singing legend Tony Bennett taking to the stage after more than 60 years in the music industry. Set in London’s iconic Roundhouse, throngs of lucky fans queued outside the venue on Saturday night, filing into the spheroid building ready to enjoy a rare gig from one of New York’s most accomplished singers.

A fitting support act for Bennett came in the form of powerhouse paddy Imelda May, who strutted onto the stage with a ’40s inspired quiff and tight tiger print dress to inject a spark of rock ‘n’ roll. Pelting out single ‘Wild Woman’, the 40 year-old then changed the tempo with slow and sultry jazz before raising the roof with ‘It’s Good To Be Alive’. Toes sufficiently tapping, I fell in love with her cheeky smile, astoundingly dominant, yet controlled vocals and her rich rockabilly attitude that won over the whole crowd.
With endless Grammy and Emmy awards under his belt, I had an idea Tony Bennett would be revered, but I only just grasped the concept of how loved he truly was as the audience crammed themselves closer to the stage. The lights went down and roaring applause was met by a vocal introduction from the late Frank Sinatra who beamed “He’s the best singer in the world”.
Running onto the stage, the 88 year-old’s fingers began instantaneously clicking as a charming smile spread across his face, welcoming the ever- increasing cheers of the crowd. In a contrasting white jacket with blue shirt and black tie, he embodied all that the jazz era stood for. With micro dances and infectious multiple grins, he performed a cover of Liza Minelli’s ‘Maybe This Time’ from renowned musical ‘Cabaret’ before plunging into swing and jazz numbers, taking several steps back to introduce his band.

Friday, 5 September 2014

Dutch DJ Accuses Charli XCX of Masturbating on Air. Wut?!

Nothing like a bit of casual sexism in the music industry.

What the fudge? Rising star Charli XCX may be realising her new found fame doesn't come with the best of times, and this week was definitely up there. The hit-maker who recently teamed up with rapper Iggy Azalea for number one single 'Fancy', took part in a less than savoury interview with a Dutch radio station.

Conforming to the nation's stereotype, DJ Giel Beelen of 3FM goaded the young singer whilst taking part in a common activity on their show. Beelen asked XCX to say 'good morning' in the most sexual way she could, to which she obliged. The sleazy DJ then asked if she had her "hands on [her] body", to which she replied they were behind her back.

Not content with leaving the joke, he exclaimed "Oh I thought you were fingering yourself or something".

She later took to Twitter to tell her followers about her ordeal: 

"Just got asked if I was fingering myself on the radio. s/o sexism. It's the best".

"Like, I just don't understand people's brains sometimes"


Instead of apologising, the abhorrent DJ quoted the star and added

"I don't care, i love it ;-) thx was fun! RT @charli_xcx: just got asked if I was fingering myself on the radio. s/o sexism. it's the best."

I don't know about you, but I want to punch this guy. No respect.

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

One Direction to Split After Making Two More Albums

Equal cries of rejoice and sadness will be heard throughout the internet today as Simon Cowell announced his thoughts on the future of the world's biggest boy band right now.

Speaking to the ever-classy, and ever-reliable Daily Star, he said

"Bands don't stay together forever. I think that they will make at least two more albums, and they're in the middle of one right now."
So using my amazing skills in mathematics, I deduce that they have just one more album to churn out after the completion of this one, before we may live in peace without the presence of a scarily-famous group whose fan base are all kinds of crazy. 
Although he denied that the split was due to member Harry Styles wanting to pursue a solo career, he revealed that he thought eventually all of 1D would head out on their own to make individual music. 
Rejoice throughout the land as Simon realises how shit 1D are. 

Split rumours are not uncommon, fuelled by the fact that Styles is often seen jetting off to preferred destination Los Angeles as oppose to staying with his bandmates or visiting family back home. The 20-year-old has always denied wanting to go solo, saying
"I still want to be touring with One Direction in ten years. I'll be doing it until I'm old and people are telling me to stop.''
Forget 10 years Hazza, you guys won't last two- perhaps Si Co has another bunch of pubescent squealers ready to be let loose upon the world. Allow for another generation of teenage girls to collapse into fits of hysteria. 

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Holly from Geordie Shore Covered Kelis' Milkshake and it's EMBARRASSING

While some of us may indulge ourselves in semi-reality TV programme Geordie Shore (without openly admitting it) I'm not sure any of you would think one of the cast members would go as far as embarrassing themselves with an irritating rendition of the legendary single Milkshake

What would Kelis say? 

The soulless, Clubland reject track features heavy autotune, bulky male torsos and Holly herself, the big-boobed bimbo, self-proclaimed 'sassy' to which she believes is a mixture between slutty and classy *rolls eyes* 

I would say she is stooping low here but... 

Watch the video here: 

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Jessie J, Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj Release Bang Bang

When a single with three supposed pop titans is released, you expect to be nothing less of extremely impressed. Not the case when big booty rapper Nicki Minaj, whiney short-haired powerhouse Jessie J and a-little-bit-too-cute Ariana Grande joined to throw together what they liked to call a song. 

Heavily reliant on a generic beat, the track sounded as if the songstresses were unaware of their cue, generating off kilter pieces that had clearly been cut together. The song really did wreak of the industry's appalling commercialism- the churning out of songs they constantly push to call music. As individuals, all three women are extremely talented and although a matter of opinion, all three have several different qualities they could have given to a track- unfortunately this was not it. 

Bang Bang was released yesterday and is set to be the lead single of British singer Jessie J's third upcoming album and will also feature on Grande's deluxe album which is set to drop at the end of August. It speak volumes that these artists need the track to inject life into their current music, as oppose to Minaj whose own songs have her trending on Twitter within seconds. 

Will it be a success? probably. Will I continue to complain about the wasted talent? definitely.


Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Robin Thicke Sells a Mere 530 Copies of his Album

Wait.. Robin Thicke's new album is out? 

Simpering, self-congratulatory pop prick Robin Thicke shouldn't be surprised that his new album 'Paula', a weak attempt at getting back with his estranged wife, sold a meagre 530 copies. To no-one's alarm the excuse for a pop star is now sitting in 200th place in the UK charts. Shame! 

Just last year Thicke had released his sixth studio album Blurred Lines which topped the UK charts as well as single 'Blurred Lines' being crowned the most downloaded song of all time. 

Could Paula Patton be one of the 530 people who bought the failed album? doubt it. 

Last week the star took part in a disgraceful and embarrassing Twitter Q&A where thousands of angry people questioned him about his disgusting lyrics as well as his unacceptable behaviour- thousands more than those who bought his album.   

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Robin Thicke Begs Estranged Wife to Get Back With Him in New Music Video

Just when you thought Robin Thicke couldn't get slimier...

Let's make no odds about it, Robin Thicke is an idiot. The perve of pop, it's a crime within itself that he gropes women in music videos and gets paid for it. Reaching new lows is current single 'Get Her Back', reportedly dedicated to his estranged wife Paula Patton (she had a lucky escape if you ask me). 

I circled the FAKE tears, for your viewing pleasure. 

What's the best way to half redeem yourself after a very public shaming? make a music video in an attempt to gather pity I guess. In an unremarkable song taken from his new album 'Paula', Thicke is seen topless as several text messages appear on the screen, presumably exchanged between the pair. 

Many things struck me whilst I was watching the video: 

1. Why does he have fake cuts/bruises on his face? 
A true reflection on him wanting to look like the victim, Thicke has some real puppy dog eyes going on throughout and the red streaks on his face look as if he has been scratched (by her). Bad move Thickey.  

boo hoo

2. Public texting gets you nowhere 
Texting to try and save your marriage? so unimpressive. Sharing them on a music video? you have no chance. Run Paula, run! 

don't share public texts

3. Why are you letting another woman grope you? 
For someone who was unfaithful, getting a model to run their hands down your torso isn't the best way of getting your estranged wife back, but hey ho. 

come quick! bring the sick bucket!

4. Why am I reading into this video? 
He's an idiot, but am I an even bigger idiot for watching this video? Silly oaf.